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2023/12/13 [Attention Required] Cautionary Notice Regarding Foundation Impersonation and Scam Sites

Hello, this is ENTC.

Recently, there have been ongoing complaints about scams involving the impersonation of the foundation, creation of fake or similar fraudulent sites and wallets, requesting deposits, and urging for investments.

In response, the foundation previously issued a warning to investors through the community announcement on 2023/09/23 ( However, we have deemed it necessary to further emphasize caution, thus, we are making this announcement to kindly request our investors' heightened attention.

The foundation does not operate through any channels other than its official website and contact channels. Moreover, there are no means to acquire tokens separately from those listed on the official website's token-listed exchanges.

We would like to additionally provide examples of typical scam cases

[Typical Scam Cases]

"Offering tokens at a price lower than market rates, requesting payment."

"Claiming a special relationship with the foundation to provide tokens at a discounted rate."

"Asserting a relationship with the foundation, offering unlocked tokens as part of an investment."

These cases represent typical forms of foundation impersonation and token investment scams. We urge everyone to exercise utmost caution.

Furthermore, as of the date of this announcement (2023/12/13), the foundation does not have any investment relationships with any companies or individuals. All previous investment contracts have been revoked, recalled, or underwent a lock-up procedure.

Therefore, any claims of a special relationship with the foundation or demands for investment made by individuals or organizations asserting themselves as the foundation are fraudulent.

[The official website address of the foundation being operated officially]

[The list of exchanges where tokens are officially listed]

There are no other means to obtain tokens or related materials aside from these official channels. If you have suffered losses due to scams, please report them to and seek swift resolution by involving law enforcement

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