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2023/12/13 [Project Main Update and Event Announcement]

Hello, this is ENTC

We are pleased to announce the release and update plans for our project's killer app, 'the LIVE'. (Please note that the actual update date may slightly differ from the announced scheduled date due to ensuring stability after application.)


-       Main Update Schedule -

(The listed updates for each period only include major features; minor features will be updated periodically.)


January 15, 2024: Official launch of 'the LIVE 1.0'

-> Features for safekeeping and transferring ETH, ENTC, and NFT


February 15, 2024: Upgrade to 'the LIVE 1.1'

-> VOD content feature


March 15, 2024: Upgrade to 'the LIVE 1.2'

-> Live streaming governance feature


April 1, 2024: Upgrade to 'the LIVE 2.0'

-> Community pool, staking features + Activation of the Ecosystem and main ecosystem


(Note: The gradual upgrade of features leading up to April 1, 2024, the start of the main ecosystem, is to ensure the perfect stability against potential minor errors that could in case critically impact users' assets during actual usage and influx.)


•          the LIVE Launch Celebration Event


To celebrate the launch of ENTC's killer app, the LIVE, and to show appreciation for the support we've received for our tokens and NFTs, we have prepared the following events:


[ENTC NFT User Appreciation Event]

Period : January 1, 2024 – January 10, 2024

Details : Return ENTC NFTs acquired through OpenSea during this period to a designated address for ETH, ENTC rewards

(Sequential distribution through the community pool starting April 1, 2024)

*This event is a gesture of gratitude from the foundation to merge the ENTC and NFT ecosystems and to eventually grow together. Apart from this event, more exciting plans are underway to expand usage opportunities, including NFT staking, starting from June.

*Returned NFTs will be owned by the foundation, and no return is possible; hence, we ask for careful participation.

* Details on the reward amount, criteria, and regulations will be announced separately on January 1, 2024.


[ENTC Main Ecosystem Activation Event]

•          Trading Event

•          First ‘LIVE’ Event details

The dates for these two events, which require coordination with exchanges and agencies, will be announced separately once confirmed.


[Message from ENTC]

The project team is dedicated to building the ecosystem and energizing the planned token economy.


We aim to achieve complete decentralization, a governance system, sustainable ecosystem circulation, and usability within the next two years, operating ENTC as a long-term project.

Even after achieving complete decentralization, we will continue to support the technology and project management, ultimately aiming to form a DAO with diverse components.


Until the project reaches full maturity, there may be aspects that users find lacking. However, we hope you will appreciate our sincere approach and long-term perspective, consistent with our slogan of being a 'Fundamental Korean Coin without a Paper Company’ and continue to support us.


Thank you.

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