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2024/01/07 The final mainnet upgrade for the ENTC project, XENT, will be conducted through a hybrid development approach until January 1, 2025.

Through the Ethereum network, ENTC has been issued and operated, and it continues to undergo constant development and project progression.

Until the fourth quarter of 2024, the LIVE app will operate off-chain and plans to expand the ecosystem and grow the community pool.

The foundation intends to fulfill its commitment to support the mainnet once decentralization is achieved, with over 50% of the total token issuance.

Through this, we aim to upgrade and transfer the enhanced tokenomics of ENTC's ecosystem to XENT, resolving transaction and gas fee issues, and advancing towards a larger model.

We plan to conduct hybrid development for ENTC and XENT until the scheduled XGD(XentGenerationDay) on January 1, 2025. Simultaneously, we will seamlessly continue existing announcements and disclosures on during the mainnet transition.

We kindly request your continued support for the advancement of XENT as the cornerstone connecting entertainment worldwide.

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