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2024/01/10 [Announcement] Token Information Provision and Community Integration Plan

Hello, this is ENTC.

To simplify the acquisition of project information for our users and prevent inconveniences caused by changes in third-party platforms, the foundation plans to sequentially integrate and centralize project and token information provision routes and the community as follows.

Existing Operating Sites and Platforms

(1) Project Announcements and Disclosures

(2) NFT Minting, Storage, and Transfers

  • Opensea

(3) Community

  • Telegram

  • Twitter (X)

  • Medium

(4) Chain Explorers and Development Materials

  • Etherscan

  • Github

After the first phase of centralization, the following sites and platforms will be retained:

(1) Project Announcements and Disclosures

  • Official Websites (,, All project and token-related announcements will be consolidated and published here.

  • CoinmarketCap: Token circulation-related matters will be updated and maintained concurrently.

(2) NFT Minting, Storage, and Transfers

  • The LIVE Platform: NFT storage and transfer functions will be activated, and minting capabilities will be provided in the future.

(3) Community

  • Telegram: The user community will continue to operate.

  • Twitter: It will be maintained for extended information sharing purposes.

(4) Chain Explorers and Development Materials

  • Etherscan: It will continue to operate, supporting until XENT mainnet launch and swaps.

  • Official Websites (,, Data will be self-uploaded and operated, integrated from sources like GitHub.

We recommend regularly checking for updates regarding changes in sites and platform details as they transition sequentially. Major project-related updates will be published on the official website at all times.

The foundation plans to continue monitoring and carry out updates and centralization efforts to enhance user accessibility, visibility, and transparency even after this centralization.

Thank you.

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