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2024/01/25 [Announcement] the LIVE 1.0 Download and Feature Activation Guide

Hello, this is ENTC.

Today, on January 25, 2024, at 12:00 KST, the download for the LIVE 1.0 version APK will be activated.

After activation, you can install the app by accessing the download link on the main screen, and installation and usage of the APK file are only possible on Android-based devices.

The wallet feature will be activated in detail within 1 day after confirming user access following the start of APK download, ensuring stability. We will provide further instructions through additional announcements when the feature is activated.

Currently, the registration of the 1.0 version on Google Play Store and the App Store is in progress, and we will issue notification announcements upon completion.

As previously announced, the LIVE 1.0 version will enable the safe storage and transfer functions of ETH, ENTC, and NFT. We are planning three stages of upgrades to version 2.0 on February 15th, March 15th, and April 1st, with the final major upgrade scheduled for April 1st.

While the technical development has been completed, please understand that the sequential feature releases have been aligned with the community pool supply schedule to ensure stability for each major function.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding.

Furthermore, ongoing convenience enhancements and debug updates will occur outside of major upgrades, so please refer to the official website at for announcements.

We will continue to share our direction and schedules through continuous announcements, including main update schedules, project content uploads, first-quarter whitepaper updates, and the mainnet XENT transition schedule.

Thank you.

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