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2024/02/06 Project Whitepaper Update Schedule and Guidance on the LIVE Platform Content

Greetings from ENTC.

-ENTC Project Whitepaper Update -

The Foundation is currently in the process of updating the project whitepaper. The content of the whitepaper will inherit the essence of the existing document while detailing the addition of a feasible roadmap and the schedule for the mainnet XENT, in light of the realization of NFTs and the entertainment platform.

The project whitepaper is scheduled to be updated during the first quarter of 2024, and further guidance will be provided once the update is complete.

-Guidance Related to the LIVE Platform Content -

The functionality of the LIVE platform, launched in January, is operating normally, and the process of registering on various stores is currently underway. This process is targeted to be completed within February, but please understand that there may be changes to the schedule due to the store review process.

We plan to sequentially supply VOD content and NFTs that have been developed and produced, starting from version 1.1, and will provide detailed announcements with each update.

Furthermore, upon the whitepaper update, we plan to provide information in a QnA format, compiling the inquiries made about the project, to enable users to easily grasp the direction of the project.

The Foundation is making its utmost effort to expand through the smooth operation of the community pool and ecosystem and will repay you with results.

Thank you.

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