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2024/03/12 Key Updates Schedule for Q1 and Q2 Projects Overview

Greetings from ENTC.

In 2024, a number of updates are scheduled for the ENTC project, and to facilitate users' understanding of the project's direction, we are providing guidance on the items planned for Q1 and Q2.

[2024. Q1, Q2]

  • Launch and updates of the LIVE platform

Launch completed, withe the community pool operational after the final major upgrade to version 2.0 on Apr 1.

Supply of the LIVE original content (movies, performances, NFTs, etc.)

Addition of a sponsorship feature for the original content production team is planned.

Registration on Goolge Play Store completed, IOS registration process underway

The first live (performance) governance vote to be held in Q2

  • Project Whitepaper Update (V3.0)

Update at the end of Q1, providing detailed directionality in the form of Q&A along with the previous year's milestone accomplishments

  • NFT User Rewards Event

Additional participation period ongoing from March 10 to March 31(rewards to be paid sequentially by July 1)

  • ENTC trading Event

Details to be announced upon confirmation, scheduled to take place in Q2

  • Token Recovery payment Due to Exchange Platform Suspension

Claims are being collected until March 31(rewards to be paid sequentially by July 1)

  • Main-net XENT

Migration scheduled for Jan 2025, with detailed specs including the snapshot schedule to be provided within the year

In addition to the items mentioned, ongoing efforts such as subsidiary development and project advancement IR are in progress. We're committed to rewarding the unwavering expectation and support from our users over a long period.

Detailed information on each item will be reminded through announcements as the time approaches. Please always refer to the announcements on

Thank you.

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