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2024/03/25 ENTC White Paper 3.0 Version Update, Previous Year Milestone Implementation Results Sharing, and Direction Presentation

Hello, this is ENTC.

The project white paper update has been completed.

The file updated to version 3.0 can be downloaded through the TOKEN-WHITEPAPER category within

The reflection of the link in CoinMarketCap (aggregator) is expected to be completed within a few days.

Along with the update of the project white paper, we would like to share with our users the milestone implementation details of the previous year (2023) and the future direction of the project.

2023 ENTC Milestone Provision Details (Based on Existing Provided Data)


Launch of ENTC NFT Marketplace ‘EnterMarket’

Relaunch and integration of PAYBUTTON update with EnterMarket

Exhibition of established and emerging artists' NFTs


Expansion of ENTC token payment acceptance

3D modeling of ENTC virtual human NFT <StarAvatar>

Publishing of proprietary OTT content


Launch of ENTC virtual human NFT <StarAvatar> service

Hosting of ENTC NFT artist collaboration concert

Opening of ENTERBUTTON BUSAN NFT exhibition auction house


Hosting of AMA for global users

Governance voting for ENTC users for 2024

Detailed Implementation Details and Explanation


Despite introducing the PAYBUTTON app and NFT marketplace in Q1 2023, results were somewhat lackluster due to decreased NFT marketability. This led to a shift towards developing a comprehensive entertainment platform that includes concerts and performances through the currently launched ‘the LIVE’ app. In 2024, ENTC aims to present significant outcomes through live performances, NFTs, and original OTT content that showcase the unique character of ENTC.

Support for Established and Emerging Artist NFT Exhibitions and Artists

This milestone is ongoing and has been beneficial for emerging and student artists’ work activities and portfolios. ENTC plans to continue its symbiotic support projects to introduce a diverse range of artists’ works through NFT and physical exhibition support, serving as a stepping stone towards the public.

Expansion of ENTC Token Payment Acceptance

Following 2022 and 2023, the partnership for using ENTC as a payment method continues, with a utility direction set as 'the base currency of the global entertainment industry'. Moving beyond simple food, gifts, and services, ENTC emphasizes its role as an industry-standard currency that is essential in various segments of the global entertainment industry, including appearance fees, production costs, stage and filming equipment fees, and content production team sponsorship.

StarAvatar and NFT, 3D Modeling

To date, various entertainment IP-based NFTs, including StarAvatar and RememberMe, have been released through a continuous partnership with Yelang Production, pioneering the concept of beauty customizing NFTs. Despite delays in practical application of StarAvatar’s 3D modeling data due to partner schedule changes, efforts are ongoing. With the launch of ‘the LIVE’ this year, ENTC aims to independently produce NFT project milestones previously reliant on the OpenSea platform, and introduce significant changes and usability to ENTC NFT with the transition to the mainnet XENT.

Proprietary OTT Content Publishing

We apologize for the slight delay in this milestone. Multiple ENTC the LIVE original contents have been produced for launch within ‘the LIVE’ app, with content launch and introduction of producer support functions aimed for Q2 and Q3, showcasing ecosystem expansion.

Artist Collaborative Concerts

Although the performance planned for Q3 2023 was delayed, a universe concert linked with ‘the LIVE’ app is being planned for Q3. The new feature will be introduced, maximizing synergy through understanding and cooperation with the artists’ agencies.

ENTERBUTTON NFT Exhibition Auction House

In July 2023, ENTC’s headquarters and Seoul exhibition auction house were completely flooded, leading to difficulties in milestone progression. The ENTC team is determined to move forward in the direction we excel at, planning to reintroduce the exhibition auction house project that revitalizes our own NFT ecosystem and engages participants within this year.

Global User AMA and Governance Voting

AMAs are being conducted smoothly through the unification of community channels and the strengthening of detailed announcement channels for each issue. Governance voting, hindered by low decentralization (distribution rate) in 2023, is planned for Q3 2024 (tentative), after distributing over 50% of the total issuance to users worldwide, utilizing ‘the LIVE’ governance voting feature.

Decentralization and mainnet support, along with DAO formation support, will enable users to determine the project’s direction, with the foundation striving to be a project supporter in the global blockchain project.

Message to ENTC Users

Reflecting on the milestones of the previous year (2023) and the present, we harbor both hope in the continuous growth of the ENTC project amidst challenges and a sense of regret for areas where we could have proceeded more adeptly. From the outset, the ENTC team has operated under the management slogan of being a 'fundamental project of South Korea without being a paper company,' maintaining a project identity with a 'unique color' in the global blockchain market and continuously researching and developing ENTC as a long-term project.

At a critical juncture where virtual assets and blockchain are being integrated into the regulatory framework and the perspective towards them is shifting from negative to positive, we are proud to present a uniqueness that distinguishes our project from others. We are grateful to share this transformative period with our users.

The ENTC project is committed to always sharing and discussing all aspects of the project transparently with our users, to advance together.

We kindly ask for your continued support and encouragement for the growth of the ENTC project.

Thank you.

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