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2024/03/29 Advisory on Volatility Due to Unlocking of Reward & Burn Wallet Lockup

Greetings from ENTC,

We would like to inform you that from April 1, 2024, for a duration of three months, the lockup of tokens within the Reward & Burn wallet is scheduled to be released.

We request that you refer to the schedule below and pay special attention to potential volatility during this period.

Wallets Subject to Unlocking: Reward & Burn (0x595Ec2eA57f18DB8Ae6139561afE5D4840b9b192)

Total Amount to be Unlocked: 400,000,000 ENTC (excluding burned tokens)

  • April 2024: 150,000,000 ENTC

  • May 2024: 150,000,000 ENTC

  • June 2024: 100,000,000 ENTC

*Please refer to the ENTC TOKEN SUPPLY DETECTOR on our website for information on the total amount of tokens unlocked and burned during this period. (Link)

The tokens released from the Reward & Burn wallet will be used entirely for user rewards and ecosystem activities, with all benefits allocated to our users. This aims to facilitate the transformation into a user-centric, healthy decentralized project, moving away from a foundation-centric model.

This period, which has been prepared for approximately three years, aims to address the distribution ratio of the total tokens required and the issue of market capitalization. We anticipate a significant improvement in mitigating various risks, such as market manipulation due to low liquidity, through the dispersion of token users.

While the fair distribution of tokens and the long-term development of the project are imperative, we caution our users to be acutely aware of the potential for unforeseen volatility.

Thank you.

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