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Don't you look forward to the beginning of a new world?

ENTC has been creating and supplying unique content, such as entertainment

IP-based NFTs and beauty customizing NFTs, As it is main content.

How great would it be if we could freely trade and store all of these in one platform?

In the upcoming core platform of ENTC, called 'the LIVE,' you will be able to freely trade all the NFTs issued by ENTC using Ethereum(ETH) and ENTERBUTTON(ENTC) tokens. Additionally,

through the community pool's swap feature, you can easily swap ETH and ENTC.

You can even participate in governance to host the concerts of your admired artists and

collect tokens to become the owner of the concert.

Moreover, on 'the LIVE' platform, you can do various tasks like streaming concert videos,

splitting OTT VOD content, and downloading with watermarks, all in one place.

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